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Pastoral Counseling
     Pastoral Counseling by definition is a unique form of psychotherapy which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. At Sanctuary that is provided by a certified pastoral counselor, who is not only a mental health professional but who also has in-depth religious and theological training.
     Working with modern technology and community trends Sanctuary is now offering counseling remotely, commonly referred to as Telehealth.
     For additional information and a list of counseling services offered clink the link below for the Pastoral Counseling page.
Firearms and Preparedness Training 
     Firearms training available for first time shooters to seasoned shooters that need some tune-ups or want to explore tactical shooting. Training available on handguns, shotguns, and rifles of all styles.
     Training is conducted on site. Classroom is conducted indoors and live fire is done outside. Dry fire training is available using laser simulated guns.
     Women's only classes also offered. 
     In addition to firearms training preparedness training is available and includes *emergency first aid fundamentals, *countering a mass shooter threat, and more.
     Classes at my location an accommodate 6 students for group classes or training and one on one training for special skills or for people that aren't comfortable shooting in groups or with strangers on site.
     For additional information and a list of courses offered click the link below for the Firearms and Preparedness Training page.

*Specialized classes at your location may accommodate larger groups.

Private Investigation Services
     Sanctuary offers licensed and bonded investigative services in Iowa. These services are available to individuals, businesses and law firms that seek honest, moral, and ethical collection of information and services. Sanctuary investigators are not government agents, and don’t hold the same authority as a police officer, however, any legally acquired information collected can be used for evidence in court and in criminal investigations. 
     For additional information and a list of services available click the link below for the Private Investigative Services page.