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Private Investigation Services

Private Investigations

Corporations and individuals often call upon private investigators to help them conduct research and perform a variety of undercover duties to produce an outcome that is beneficial to all. The private investigator will be responsible for unveiling clients' anxieties and apprehensions, and subsequently utilizing pertinent interviewing, surveillance, and desktop research abilities to fully uncover obscure events. Remain unobtrusive throughout the endeavor to yield valid accounts.

We deliver sensitive, reliable client debriefings practicing unfaltering discretion to avoid consequential oversights by reviewing clients' presenting cases; identifying applicable investigative responsibilities; gathering salient resources from clients; using cautionary guidance and observing local and federal laws; performing relevant surveillance and interview-related tasks; and hosting sensitive and transparent debriefing consultations.

Investigation Services:

  • Background Checks
  • Missing Persons
  • Asset Discovery
  • Surveillance
  • Skip Trace
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Sanctuary Select Services, LLC Investigations Policy


Fees for investigative services vary according to the nature of the investigation. Time spent researching, documenting, transferring or converting files, drafting reports and finding for the client brief are not consistent. Every effort will be made to provide an accurate estimate for fees and services requested. Remember this is still an estimate and circumstances will dictate if the final fees are higher or lower than those estimated.


Depending on the services being requested a retainer may be required when services are contracted. If a retainer is required final payment will be due upon completion of the investigation. Payment for services not requiring a retaining will be due upon completion of the investigation.