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Scott Ware


            Scott Ware is the founder of Sanctuary Select Service, LLC. Scott serves as the lead counselor, instructor, and investigator for the company. Born and raised in Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota, Scott is enthusiastic about helping the communities he grew up in and around. Scott gleaned much of his experience from an expansive 24-year military career which brought him into contact with diverse communities and people from around the world. Through formal education at Upper Iowa University, Liberty University, and the Stratford Career Institute he further developed this knowledge base.

            Throughout life Scott spent time helping people that were hurting in diverse ways. Classmates would seek him out for help long before he was even out of high school. During his years of military service, counseling took on varied forms from corrective and developmental counseling to personal counseling. Recognizing the need for counseling across different communities, he focused his education in this area earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences from Upper Iowa University seeing the larger scope of sociology and how people act and react to stimulus culturally. He also received a Master’s in Divinity Degree in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University. He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

            During his military service Scott became an effective and resolute firearms trainer. In both the National Guard and on Active Duty Scott found a training need that was in short supply, firearms readiness. Any time his unit was preparing to go to a range he would volunteer to teach the pre-range briefings and training. That training began with safety training and coaching and culminated with coaching on drills to improve accuracy on the range. On the range he would volunteer as a Range Safety. He watched Soldiers as they qualified, coached them for success when possible and responded to firearm failures as they happened. He also excelled in teaching and training Soldiers in First Aid skills, another critical skill. Prior to his deployments Scott received advanced tactical training from The Warrior School, ( in Tucson, AZ, and The Crucible ( in Fredericksburg, VA. As an instructor today, Scott recognizes value in quality training and support, he has partnered with one of the nation’s premier firearms training and insurance companies, The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and Delta Defense for his training certifications and their training models. Scott is also a member of USCCA.

            Early in his military career Scott attended training and was qualified as an Intelligence Analyst. Later in his military career, Scott received and accepted a nomination to work in a branch under the Defense Intelligence Agency. For seven years he worked with investigators, interrogators, and other intelligence analysts continuously improving his skill sets and best practices along the way. While working for the United States Infrastructure Company he conducted investigations into damaged underground utilities and documented his findings. These investigations required him to investigate damages on areas where he marked utilities. He was impartial and unbiased in his investigations. Scott has completed a Private Investigators course of instruction through the Stratford Career Institute. Scott is a licensed and bonded Private Investigator in the state of Iowa and is a member of the Iowa Association of Private Investigators.